Access from Little Cottonwood

White Pine Lake
My first time hiking to White Pine was with my young nephew Mark Matthews. He was wearing Tevas and cut his foot. We enjoyed hearing the picas chirp in the rocks.

Red Pine Lakes

Red Pine Lake – Hike of the Week

My most memorable time hiking past the Red Pine Lakes was with a group of Scouts. We camped by the west lake, climbed Pfeifferhorn, and went down the south side to Alpine. Unfortunately we went through the stream area and had to bushwhack.

Pfeifferhorn (The Ant Hill)

Several years ago, a couple of young friends hiked with me to the saddle below Pfeifferhorn. To one of them, the steepness of the peak looked too dangerous, and he declined to go up. Coming back, I reminded him that it was pretty much like climbing stairs. Another time, my wife Martha and children Peter and Carol enjoyed the exhilaration of being on top, noticing the waves of rock below, formed by eons of snow and glacier.


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