In Alpine City

Trail Maps

A map of trails in Alpine City is available on the Alpine City website.

Trail Use Map

Trail Master Plan

The on-line maps are printable. The trail map is not up to date. According to City Planner Jason Bond, the last update was done in 2006. There have been some recent trails approved that would change the map. Work on trail maps and the trail master plan are currently underway as part of a general plan update.

City Parks

City parks include: Beck’s Hill Park at South Pointe (Rocky Mountain Drive), Burgess (Canyon Crest and 200 West), Legacy (Corner of Center and Main Street), Creekside Park (100 South), Healey Park (851 East Healey Boulevard), Lambert Park, Moyle Park (770 North 600 East), Rachael McTeer Park (Alpine Commons Subdivision), Rodeo Grounds (Lambert Park), Silverleaf Park (Between Maple and Ridge Drive), Smooth Canyon (900 East and Healey Boulevard), Greenways and Open Space (Willow Canyon, Healey Heights, Sunrise Drive, Hog Hollow, Carlisle Well, 300 North). Walkers may hike the Burgess Park Trails, Creekside Park Trails, and Dry Creek Trails.

Lambert Park

Trails are identified in Lambert Park. See Lambert Park Trail Map
There are 255 acres of open space available for hiking.

Other Park Trails

Creekside Park Trail Map

Cemetery Hill

This is a perfect hike for children. Hike the sand and clay knoll originally called Flag Hill or Signal Hill. Take a copy of Alpine Yesterdays for a guide. Edmond Nelson, born in 1799, was the first to be buried on top of Cemetery Hill.  He died on December 15, 1850.


Walk or hike to monuments in Alpine.

  • Fort Mountainville, Main Street, Legacy Park.
  • Site of Two Alpine Churches, Main Street, Legacy Park.
  • In Honor of All Veterans, Cemetery Hill.
  • Alpine Mountains, Top of Cemetery Hill.
  • In Memory of the Pioneers of Alpine (Sculpture), Top of Cemetery Hill.
  • First Public Building, Pioneer Road, about 204 East.
  • John Rowe Moyle (Sculpture), Moyle Park.
  • John Rowe Moyle Tower, Home & Surroundings, Moyle Park.
  • The Old Red Schoolhouse, 1899-1965, 181 East 200 North.
  • Incorporated, 19 January 1855, 17th City in the Territory of Utah, Main Street, North of City Hall.
  • Alpine Mountains, south end of Burgess Park.

City Affairs

A trail guide for Alpine City hikes is not available. Help for trail development is needed. As part of the general plan update, Mr. Bond would like to name trails and establish trail heads, trail signage, and rules. A marketing campaign could get people informed about the trails in Alpine City. Some trails may be substantially improved and others remain in their current state. People who know, use, and care about the trails could take ownership and participate in volunteer projects to improve or maintain them.

Trail Committee

City Council Members Lon Lott (801-400-5165, and Troy Stout (801-492-0429, are currently assigned trails and open space for Alpine City. Jason Bond is the City Planner (801-756-6347 ext. 6,

Members of the Alpine City Trails Committee include: Dave Fotheringham (801-360-6800,, Will Jones (801-756-3581,, and Everett Williams.


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