On-Line Resources

Some information may be out of date or inaccurate, but information may be of value.


On the left side, click HIKING, then click DAY HIKING on the next page, then scroll down and click PLEASANT GROVE RANGER DISTRICT. A detailed list of trails are listed on this page.


Although this site is dedicated to mountain biking, it is a great resource for hiking. It includes difficulty, elevation gain, plants along the trail, maps, loop possibilities, and busyness.


This site allows the user to search for hikes by location, difficulty, or amount of time needed to complete the hike.


Basic trails in Utah Valley are covered by difficulty level.


The user needs to create a free username and password. Users add information about trails and do reviews. Length and difficulty of trails are listed. It is possible to search by hiking, trail running, and snow shoeing.



Type in “Timpanogos Cave National Monument” if hiking on the American Fork side of the canyon, and “Sundance Resort” if hiking on the Alpine Loop side.



This site gives basic information on active fires.



This site give information on the Mt. Timpanogos Trail, including weekly updates of conditions, closures, weather, etc.

Avalanche Safety:


This site lists advisories for the state of Utah. Telephone 888-999-4019 for an avalanche report.



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