Access from the Cove

First Hamongog

When I was a Scout, this was a favorite camping spot.  At that time, School House Springs was in the boonies.

Second Hamongog

East Hamongog

My favorite way down from Lake Hardy is through East Hamongog. When going that direction, the trail goes through a fern meadow and crosses a lower stream after the descending Chute.

Lake Hardy

I have many happy memories of hiking Lake Hardy. For several years, we had a ward Lake Hardy hike. We had T-shirts printed, designed by two local artists. One year, Wanita Whitby and Ester Batemen were determined to make the hike. Ester was 70 years old. Her son told he he would pay for a helicopter to take her if she didn’t go. We made it, but got back about 9:00 p.m. Ester had black toenails from the adventure on the Sunday after.

I went with Gary Dollar, Keith Wilson, and their Scouts, and we camped below the lake at Grassy Flat—holding out in rain and lightning for several days.

Mayor Hunt Willoughby made his first hike to Lake Hardy on one of our ward hikes before he was mayor. I have tried to join with him on his annual hike in August. For the past few years, 70-year-old-plus, Arnold Griffiths and I stuck together on the hikes.

My favorite route to go to Lake Hardy is through First and Second Hamongog, continuing above Grassy Flat to the Lake, then down to Grassy Flat, through the forest, down the granites, around the cliff point, and down the Chute to First Hamongog.

There are tales about how deep the lake is. In our younger days, Casey Christian and I thought about bringing scuba gear up to the lake. Instead, we brought wet suits and masks. There was still ice on the lake, but we got in. I have been in the lake other times too. Once wearing Levis. I shivered for hours after that venture.

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 Airplane Crash, Lake Hardy

On August 12, 2011, my journal entry reads: “The three of us [Carol Beck, Kayla Burgess, and myself] went to the inlet for the lake. There was snow. We followed the directions to the flat ridge. [Go to the tallest last pine above the lake where the water comes into the lake. Look up to the north where there is a flat section in the ridge, about 20 feet across. Keep that area in your sights as you hike up towards it.] I was hoping that we would fine some sign of the crash. It took a while. I kept going east on the ridge and finally found some glass, then Carol found several pieces of metal. We found a rivet, a screw, and a blue piece of glass. We came back to the lake.” I have been up before after receiving directions from Rulon McDaniel who wrote a book about it. He owns one of the found letters that dropped from the plane. I found several pieces of aluminum and glass. Donald Beck retrieved part of the carburetor, but during the war, turned it in for metal.

Chipman Peak

Chipman Canyon was a popular spot for our Scout troop when Dennis Smith was my Scoutmaster.


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