East of Alpine

Five Rocks

This is a steep but short hike to the five rocks on the lower east mountain above Alpine.

Three Mines

Follow the visible switch-backs on the lower east mountain.

Phelps Canyon


Devil’s Eye Arch


The described rock slide has been overgrown.
This hike is generally steep and can involve scrambling. Fires in 2000 and 2012 destroyed 500-year-old trees on the mountain, according to Sheldon Wimmer. The hole of the arch is large enough for a car to drive through. It faces American Fork Canyon but cannot be seen from Alpine. The dark shadow of the arch can be seen at morning time from the Timpanogos Cave Trail. From Alpine, look for a nob on the ridge south of Dharma (Willow) Peak. My first time hiking this was with a group of young men with Conrad Teichert. We started in the afternoon about 4:00 p.m. and hiked to the arch and back before dark. At another time on a morning hike, we crossed a rattlesnake at the top of the slide.

Willow (Dharma) Peak


This is a steep climb with scrambling.


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