City Affairs

Current Needs

A trail guide for Alpine City hikes is not available. Help for trail development is needed. As part of the general plan update, City Planner Jason Bond would like to name trails and establish trail heads, trail signage, and rules. A marketing campaign could get people informed about the trails in Alpine City. Some trails may be substantially improved and others remain in their current state. People who know, use, and care about the trails could take ownership and participate in volunteer projects to improve or maintain them.

Trail Committee

City Council Members Lon Lott (801-400-5165, and Troy Stout (801-492-0429, are currently assigned trails and open space for Alpine City. Jason Bond is the City Planner (801-756-6347 ext. 6,

Members of the Alpine City Trails Committee include: Dave Fotheringham (801-360-6800,, Will Jones (801-756-3581,, and Everett Williams.