City Parks

City parks include: Beck’s Hill Park at South Pointe (Rocky Mountain Drive), Burgess (Canyon Crest and 200 West), Legacy (Corner of Center and Main Street), Creekside Park (100 South), Healey Park (851 East Healey Boulevard), Lambert Park, Moyle Park (770 North 600 East), Rachael McTeer Park (Alpine Commons Subdivision), Rodeo Grounds (Lambert Park), Silverleaf Park (Between Maple and Ridge Drive), Smooth Canyon (900 East and Healey Boulevard), Greenways and Open Space (Willow Canyon, Healey Heights, Sunrise Drive, Hog Hollow, Carlisle Well, 300 North). Walkers may hike the Burgess Park Trails, Creekside Park Trails, and Dry Creek Trails.

Lambert Park

Trails are identified in Lambert Park. See Lambert Park Trail Map
There are 255 acres of open space available for hiking.

Other Park Trails

Creekside Park Trail Map