AF Canyon

Timpanogos Cave National Monument

For many locals, hiking the Timpanogos Cave trail is a several-times-a-week morning workout during the summer months. Timpanogos Cave is well-known for it’s interior cave, but the hike alone is as stunningly beautiful. Regular hikers obtain an identification card on a lanyard at the park office so they may regularly go up the trail without having to hear the safety talk every time. In the early morning, we have heard humming birds and peregrine falcons. We can leave from Alpine, drive up the canyon, hike to the cave, and be back to our home in about 70 minutes.

Timpanogos Cave

Canyon Nature Trail

This often overlooked walking trail goes between Swinging Bridge and the Timpanogos Cave Visitor’s Center on the north side of the canyon road.

Canyon Nature Trail

Hell Cave

Hell Cave is the home of Boone Speed’s Ice Cream climb.

Drive 2.9 miles past the pay station. Park on the wide shoulder on the right. Walk across the road and hike up the steep trail with the rock wall on your right until you reach Hell Cave, a popular rock climbing spot.

Hell Cave

Hell Cave

Dance Hall Cave

Park at 2.9 miles on the wide shoulder. Walk back west down the road about 60 feet where you can see a four-foot diameter log crossing the river. Hike down the river ravine. Cross the river by straddling the log.  Go to the right above the cliffs that overlook the river.  Continue up and west. You will see the large alcove on your right.

By Dance Hall

Log to Dance Hall

Log2Dance Hall

Sawmill / Little Mill

Park at Sawmill and snow shoe 1.5 miles on the Little Mill Road. The road is often groomed for cross-country skiers.

Cross-Country Skiing in AF Canyon


Scout (Bone) Cave

Drive 4.2 miles past the pay station. Look for the high-broken tree stump on your left. Park where the shoulder widens. Parking can be a problem. Hike up the steep mountain and to the left until you reach Scout (Bone) Cave.

Across from ScoutCave

Scout Cave