North Fork

Tibble Fork Loop

Snow shoe from the parking lot, on the road toward Pittsburg Lake, cross the bridge, and continue up then back to Tibble Fork Reservoir.

Granite Flat

The campground loop at Granite Flat is great for snow shoeing.

To Granite Flat

American Fork Divide

One afternoon, a group of us hiked to the Divide bringing a nice meal to share for the evening. I had a date. Marvin Payne was with us. We brought formal wear clothes to change into. I had previously made bacon-wrapped chicken breast. Someone else brought artichokes and dip. Another brought cherry cheesecake. We returned home that night in the moonlight.


Silver Lake

Watch for stinging nettle.

Silver Glance Lake

There is now (2014) a hiker-made trail to the lake. The lake is a little gem. Hike to the pass above the lake. Consider hiking Silver Lake to Silver Glance Lake to White Pine Lake.

Pittsburg Lake

There is a story of a Jeep tumbling down the steep slope where the trail makes a sharp bend. Mack Dalley brought a group of Scouts to the trail head in the rain. The road would certainly not be passable with a car. We got a late start so we were hiking in the dark. It was steep but cool. In the morning we could see the lake and the cabin and the mine dumps.