South Fork

Bear Canyon Trail

Am Fork Trails

Hike from Mutual Dell.

Mutual Dell

Park for Bear

Pine Hollow

Hike of the Week: Pine Hollow

This is a great trail for snowshoeing.

Timpooneke to Scout Falls

Enjoy the Timpanokee Trail but without going to the peak.

Mt. Timpanogos

Timpanogos is my wife Martha’s favorite hike. We carried Catherine and Daniel to the top when they were babies. Daniel kept biting my ear and laughing as he sat in the backpack. There was the time when relatives came along, and one person with bad knees had to be taken down by an emergency crew. It didn’t help that I mistakenly took her on a longer way down. We have seen mountain goats on the cliffs above the lake. We have gone swimming in Emerald Lake when surrounded by ice. By chance, we have seen friends on top that we haven’t seen for years. One time, we were stuck for a while in a lower meadow as we waited for a moose and her calf to move. Yes, and even we have slid down the glacier with a baby on the back.