Dry Creek

Horsetail Falls

Horsetail Falls: Alpine’s Cascading Beauty





About ten years ago, several men including Phillip Bennett and LaMar Drew rebuilt the original trail that is on the north side of the wider Dry Creek Trail. At the Wilderness sign, go left down the steep embankment and continue on the trail that crosses the stream via logs. After about an hour of hiking, the trail will have a great view of the entire falls. At the place where the falls are in view, there is a trail to the left that continues for another hour and leads to the top of the falls and connects to the wider Dry Creek Trail.


Box Elder Peak







See Mark Smith’s comments of September 22, 2013, about the Sleigh Runner and the Intake.

I enjoyed riding with Ern Peddler around Box Elder. He was on his Morgan horse Adios, and I was on Spider. We rode past McDaniel’s Cabin. It has since burned down. He told me of a horse falling down the steep side of the mountain; it had to be put down.

One time we were dropped off at the Granite Flat trail head to hike the American Fork Divide. We hiked to the Divide. I left to go home because of another engagement. The group continued to the top of the peak. Laura Hobbs stepped onto the Sleigh Runner and unintentionally slipped. She went down the icy snow trough, clawing and grabbing, trying to stop. She thought she was sliding to the end of her life. Where the Sleigh Runner bends, she kept going straight into the rocks. Luckily she was only scrapped instead of being mortally injured.