Guide Books

Best Hikes with Children in Utah, by Maureen Keilty, The Mountaineers, Seattle, Washington, 1993. Describes Timpanogos Cave, Mount Timpanogos, White Pine Lake hikes, including difficulty, distance, and interesting things to look for on the way.
Hiking the Wasatch: A Hiking and Natural History Guide to the Central Wasatch, by John Veranth, The Wasatch Mountain Club, Inc, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1998. ISBN: 0-915272-32-6. This valuable guidebook includes information on geology, trees, wildflowers, mammals, and hiking terms. Hikes in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Dry Creek, American Fork Canyon, and ridge hikes are clearly described.

FogHorn Outdoors Utah Hiking: The Complete Guide to More than 300 Hikes, by Buck Tilton, Avalon Publishing Group, Inc., 2005. ISBN: 1-56691-892-8. This book has brief descriptions of Red Pine Trail, White Pine Trail, Dry Creek Trail-Deer Creek Trail, Dry Creek to Lone Peak, Timpanogos Cave Trail, and Timpanogos Trail.

Hiking Utah: A Falcon Guide, by Dave Hall, revised by Ann Seifert, 1991. Falcon Press Publishing Co., Inc., Helena, Montana. This guide includes hike descriptions for Lone Peak via Draper Ridge, Lone Peak via Lake Hardy, Red Pine Lakes, The Pfeifferhorn, and Mt. Timpanogos.

Moon Handbooks: Utah, by Bill Weir and W.C. McRae, 2001. Avalon Travel Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 1-56691-274-1. This travel book includes general information about the Lone Peak Wilderness and Mount Timpanogos Wilderness.

60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Salt Lake City, by Greg Witt, Menace Ridge Press, 2008. ISBN-13: 978-0-89732-956-9. This book is a guide with clear directions for White Pine Lake, Pfeifferhorn (via Red Pine Lake), Bells Canyon, Lone Peak (via Jacobs Ladder), Silver Lake, Box Elder Peak, Timpanogos Cave National Monument, Mount Timpanogos (via the Timpooneke Trail), Emerald Lake and Mount Timpanogos (via Aspen Grove Trail), and Battle Creek Falls. Hikes are rated by length, altitude and steepness, views, etc.